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GreenSTAT website is an online database that gives local residents the opportunity to comment on the quality of their local parks and how well they feel they are being managed and maintained. It also provides the councils and organisations who manage these parks with feedback about the people that visit them and how they might be able to improve these vital open spaces.

If your park provider has signed up to use the GreenSTAT system, the information you submit will ensure that your local parks are managed as effectively as possible to provide services that best meet the needs of the local community.

If your park provider has not yet signed up to use the GreenSTAT system, the information you submit will form part of the national data set which will be used by GreenSpace, the national charity, for research and campaign purposes. However, if you provide specific written comments about an individual park or city wide service, these comments will be summarised and passed on to the managing organisation.

Your name, address and the other contact details you have provided will not be passed on unless you specifically authorise us to do so.

GreenSTAT is developed by ‘GreenSpace’, a national charity dedicated to promoting better planning, design, management and use of the UK’s public parks.

Click here to submit a questionnaire about your local parks.

Click here to view the GreenSTAT Privacy Policy, for more information about data protection and how we respect the privacy of our online visitors.

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Your local park…
Litter-strewn or litter-free?
Brilliant or boring?
A no-go area or a safe place to be?
…what would make it better?

Now’s the time to have your say…

We want your opinion as we embark on a quest to get
a million voices from throughout the UK to give a snapshot
of the state of our parks.

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You now have a choice about whether you wish to provide your contact details or remain anonymous. By providing your contact details you will be able to return to the GreenSTAT website and log in using your first name, surname and postcode (below). You may then finish the questionnaire(s) that you did not manage to complete, or start a new questionnaire.

If you choose to remain anonymous, the system will not remember you and you will have to start a new questionnaire each time you visit GreenSTAT.

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